What is Xtra LifeStyle?

Xtra is a mobile app that gathers hundreds of credible and real offers and discounts under one roof, for many merchants like Food & Beverage, Health Care, Beauty Saloon, Gyms, Hotels and much more!

How does Xtra Save my Money?

Every time you use the app you will have either a discount on the total bill value or get some kind of free item like buy one get one free

How I can download Xtra LifeStyle app?

You can download the Xtra app from the below links:

- Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.token.xtra
- iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/xtra-lifestyle/id1548270430

How can I purchase Xtra LifeStyle app?

You can purchase the app either Online using Visa and MasterCard or we can send you scratchcard card by delivery services

How many offers are there for each participating merchant?

Each merchant contains Five offers shown as either a percentage off or buy-one-get-one-free offer

What online payment methods available to purchase Xtra LifeStyle app subscriptions?

You can purchase Xtra using Visa and MasterCard

What do you mean by subscription "Valid till 31/12/2021"?

This means that all the offered discounts and offers are valid till the end of the year despite the purchase date

How can I refund or cancel my subscription and get my money back?

With great regret there is no refund or cancellation option, this is because once the app is active for a user, he can see all the offers and coupons for all the merchants, and can get used of them even anytime.

How do can I use an offer from the Xtra LifeStyle App?

After you have purchased the app, all the offers are open to you know, when requesting your bill tell the merchant that you intend to redeem an Xtra LifeStyle offer ⦁ Tap on the offer you wish to redeem ⦁ Ask the merchant to enter their PIN You’ll then get a success screen showing your estimated savings amount.
WATCH THIS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IK7HTwa-gGk

Can I add my wife/friend/user?

This feature is available for the ‌"Xtra Premium" and "Xtra Family" packages only, and this is can be done under the profile section under "Add family member" section

What Should I do I had a problem using the app?

You can contact us immediately on Instagram: or Facebook: messages or you can call us on

What should I do if I face a problem with any of the merchant/ Supplier on the redemption of any available deal?

Contact us immediately on +962 7 9037 4736

How to contact Xtra support?

Email us at info@xtramea.com

How much would I save using Xtra

We estimate around 200 JD monthly but still this depends on how frequent you will use the app

Why should I subscribe to Xtra LifeStyle packages?

In order to be able to use the listed discounts and offers you need to purchase one of our plans

How does Xtra upgrade my lifestyle?

Simply just getting your things at lower prices will help you save money or get more of what you want!

Which Xtra Package is most suitable for me?

We have three packages,

- For Individual use (1 user)
- For Couples use (2 users)
- For Family use (4 users)

How can I reuse a discount that I used previously?

Click on the offer that you would like to reuse, retrieve back using your loyalty points and the offer will be active and you can use it again

Forgot password? How can I sign into the Xtra App?

simply click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the website or App. You will then receive an email with detailed instructions on resetting your password. You’ll be back to saving in no time!

Which languages can I use my Xtra App In?

We’re bi-lingual! Navigate Xtra offers in both English and Arabic.

What are the restrictions on the offers?

Your Xtra offers have very few redemption restrictions and are valid throughout the year, excluding some key public holidays. See ‘Rules of Use’ for more information on the days your offers will not be valid.